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SEND Explorer® is validated, web-based application designed by scientists to provide advanced viewing, querying, data summarization, and visualization capabilities for nonclinical study data. SEND Explorer can consume data in SEND 3.0/3.1 format, in a variety of non-SEND data formats (including interim study formats), and via direct connection to a data collection system. SEND Explorer allows scientists to interact with their study data, visualize patterns and trends, and communicate relationships with other scientists. SEND Explorer allows organizations to leverage their investment in creating SEND datasets for regulatory submissions by making study data and associated visualizations readily-accessible to their scientists for internal decision making.

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Single Study Visualizations

Summary View for Numeric Data

…to visualize patterns and trends in numeric data with summary statistics, scatterplot, out of concurrent control range indicator, and % control mean calculations

Summary View Detail

…to review thumbnail visualizations or display detailed view showing distribution of subject data across groups

Line Graph

…to visualize patterns of numeric data over time

Clinical Observations Timecourse identify dose-related patterns and trends in clinical observations over the course of a study

Severity Heatmap

…to visualize patterns and trends in both incidence and severity

Cross-Domain Subject View

…to put a subject's data into perspective as compared to its own group and control group, on a single day or over time


Multi-Study Visualizations

Correlations Matrix

…to reveal pairwise correlations of endpoints for selected subjects, identifying those with histopathology findings in tissues of interest.

Multi-Study Timecourse Grid

…to compare the timecourse pattern of selected endpoint(s) across studies of interest.

Multi-Study Histopathology Barchart

…to visualize relative prevalence of histopathology findings across studies.

Historical Control Distribution

…to reveal the distribution of selected control data across studies, stratified by fields of interest.


Products in the SEND Explorer® Product Family v10.0 are now available for purchase. INDS has partnered with Instem for global sales and support services. Please contact INDS at or Instem at for more information on any of these tools or to request a demo.