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Integrated Nonclinical Development Solutions, Inc. (INDS, Inc.) is pleased to announce the release of SEND Explorer and SEND Explorer Plus 3.0. These validated, web-based applications were designed by scientists to provide advanced viewing, data summarization, and visualization capabilities for study data produced in SEND (Standard for Exchange of Nonclinical Data) format.

New features for 3.0

  • A subject-centric graphical visualization that simultaneously puts a subject’s findings for selected endpoints into perspective within its own group, across all groups, and over time
  • Enhancement of the correlations matrix to visually flag subjects for which histopathology findings were identified in selected tissue(s)
  • A multi-study timecourse grid visualization which permits comparison of an endpoint over time and across multiple studies
  • New pivot views
  • Enhanced study dashboard functionality for loading and filtering studies in SEND Explorer Plus
  • Hyperlinked comments and supplemental qualifiers
  • Multi-domain subject view

SEND Explorer is ideal for organizations implementing the SEND standard for the review/QC of SEND datasets prior to submission to FDA. SEND Explorer provides flexible summarization capabilities and scientifically-relevant visualizations to help researchers identify trends and patterns in data from a single study. SEND Explorer Plus includes a database to extend SEND Explorer functionality to the multi-study environment and provides powerful yet intuitive cross-study querying capabilities and multi-study visualizations.

SEND Explorer features

  • A robust data grid that merges subject and group metadata with associated results
  • Advanced data management and query features such as column hiding/showing, sorting, and filtering
  • Ability to export all or filtered data to Excel
  • Pivoting of data by timepoint, test code, and/or subject
  • Group summary and incidence calculations based on a user-specified group definition
  • Scientifically-relevant data visualizations including scatterplots of subject data, group mean bar charts, and Severity Heatmaps
  • Hyperlink to comments and supplemental qualifiers
  • Hyperlink to multi-domain subject view with tabular and graphical displays of data

SEND Explorer Plus features

  • All SEND Explorer features
  • Straight-forward load interface and study dashboard
  • Fully-compliant SEND-based data model
  • Multi-study/multi-domain data query grid
  • Hyperlinked related records
  • Multi-study scatterplot matrix visualization with tissue-finding indicators
  • Multi-study timecourse grid permitting comparison of endpoint across studies and over time


SEND Explorer 3.0 and SEND Explorer Plus 3.0 are now available for purchase. Our site licensing model and perpetual vs. subscription-based purchasing options are very cost effective for early-adopter organizations.

SEND Explorer Product Family

SEND Explorer and SEND Explorer Plus are components of the SEND Explorer Product Family that also includes SEND Explorer Express (a no cost SEND viewing tool with restricted functionality) and SEND Explorer Warehouse (for warehousing SEND data along with legacy and non-SEND data sources). Please contact for more information on any of these tools.

Try for Free

Want to try SEND Explorer? SEND Explorer Express is a free, hosted version of SEND Explorer. SEND Explorer Express can be used to upload and view SEND data, but it does not allow group summarization, visualization or data export. Two sample SEND datasets are available from the SEND Explorer Express website and all SEND Explorer features are available when using sample datasets.