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SEND Explorer 9.0 Released!

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Nonclinical aspects of drug development can be particularly challenging, especially if you’re going it alone. You need broad-based toxicology expertise and hands-on drug development experience that can be hard to find in an individual consultant. You also need efficient processes and systems to generate and report your nonclinical data. No matter the size of your organization, you are being asked to produce more with the same or fewer internal resources, to do it faster, and to be more agile. To deliver, you need outside resources that provide the high quality support and products your project requires - on time and within budget. That’s where INDS Inc. can help.

The INDS Advantage

The specialized, complementary expertise of our team members enables INDS to provide you drug development support from target selection to product registration. Our data management and information technology specialists work closely with our toxicologists to deliver software solutions that truly reflect end-user needs for ease-of-use and flexibility. Our team consists of board certified toxicologists, veterinarians, and information technology and business operations experts with more than 100 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical and contract research industries.

Our Experience

  • Advancing over 120 compounds in all major therapeutic areas to clinical trials, using both traditional and alternative paradigms, including filing industry’s first exploratory IND.
  • Advancing compounds to market, including several first-in-class drugs (Cognex®, ReZulin®, Neurontin®, LYRICA®) and the world’s best selling drug Lipitor®, through design and execution of standard studies and extensive mechanistic investigations.
  • Developing innovative informatics solutions including state-of-the-art data warehousing, data visualization, interpretations and automated reporting tools.
  • Integrating and implementing SEND 3.0.

Committed To Your Success

Whether you lack internal safety expertise or need to supplement your internal resources to meet peak demands, contact INDS. We have the know-how you need to succeed.